In 2013, Jim Thornton ran for Mayor on a platform of economic growth, public safety, and quality of life. Those are the areas he has emphasized and will continue to do so.

LaGrange is enjoying a period of unprecedented progress for the city. Evidence of progress is all over town, and it’s just getting started. When Jim told the voters in 2013 what he planned to do, he meant it and he’s made real progress happen.

Jim Listens

Jim listens. He doesn’t try to impose his agenda on the people of LaGrange. Instead, Jim pays attention to the dreams of all residents and tries to develop plans to best accommodate their goals. Developing a common vision for the 31,000 citizens of LaGrange, all of whom have their own perspective, requires a great deal of work, but Jim never shies away from the challenge or the hard work itself.

Start With Yes

Jim likes to say we “start with yes.” What that means is that whenever someone makes a new proposal or suggests a new idea, Jim always tries to make it work. Sometimes the City can do it just as proposed, but often the idea must be studied to consider all the ramifications. The goal is always the same: to constantly improve LaGrange, and it doesn’t matter to Jim who comes with the idea. What’s important is how can the City and its citizens work together to make things better for the people of LaGrange.