A United City

Jim listens. He doesn’t try to impose his agenda on the people of LaGrange. Instead, Jim pays attention to the dreams of all residents and tries to develop plans to best accommodate their goals. Developing a common vision for the 31,000 citizens of LaGrange, all of whom have their own perspective, requires a great deal of work, but Jim never shies away from the challenge or the hard work itself.

Building Bridges

Jim has been a bridge builder throughout the City. He helped start the Racial Trust-building Initiative to overcome historical divisions based on race, and over 200 local residents have participated in that program. He worked with local officials to acknowledge the historic tragedy of the Austin Callaway lynching. In 2016, he received the Leadership Award from the Troup County Branch of the NAACP for his effort to reach across racial lines into the African American community. And the Troup County Historical Society recognized him with their Horace King Bridgebuilder award.

Open Government

As Mayor, Jim has been open to public input and comment throughout his tenure. Annually, he has hosted town hall meetings throughout the community to receive public comment on city initiatives. Those forums have resulted in many good suggestions that have been implemented and have also given Jim and other city officials a chance to inform residents about important projects.

Start With Yes

Jim likes to say we “start with yes.” What that means is that whenever someone makes a new proposal or suggests a new idea, Jim always tries to make it work. Sometimes the City can do it just as proposed, but often the idea must be studied to consider all the ramifications. The goal is always the same: to constantly improve LaGrange, and it doesn’t matter to Jim who comes up with the idea. What’s important is how can the City and its citizens work together to make things better for the people of LaGrange.