A Lively City

The heart of any city is its downtown, and the transformation of downtown LaGrange over the past four years is striking. From the absolutely stunning Sweetland Amphitheatre on the north side to the new Wild Leap Brewery and planned development on the south side, downtown LaGrange is vibrant. These projects along with the new Courtyard by Marriott hotel will anchor the downtown and provide the climate to support even more businesses that want to locate in this great part of our city.

Investment In Our Parks

Under Jim’s leadership, LaGrange has made significant investments in its parks. The City has worked with the residents in the Calumet Village neighborhood to completely transform their park space. The greenspace, the facilities, the basketball court, the parking lot, and perhaps most notably the new splash pad have created a beautiful space that anchors an entire neighborhood. The revitalization of Calumet Village has caught the attention of the Georgia Conversancy and others. It is a remarkable story of transformation, and it happened because the Mayor and City Council chose to empower and to support the local residents in their efforts to improve the neighborhood and park.

Comprehensive Trail System

When local residents wanted to create a multi-use trail system, Jim offered his support to their citizen-led initiative. The City helped the local citizen group plan and design a comprehensive 29 mile trail system, which will take years to implement. But the plan for The Thread, which emerged from those discussions, will be one of the most significant recreational undertakings in city history. It’s another example of how Jim’s goal for constant improvement of the city marries with his leadership style of citizen empowerment. The results showcase how great things can happen and actually are happening in LaGrange.