Jim Thornton was elected to the LaGrange City Council in 2009, and after serving one full term on the council, was elected Mayor in 2013. He has completed his first term and is seeking re-election to a second term.

Election Day:
November 7, 2017


Early Voting Dates:
October 16 through November 3

Inspiration, Results & Progress

Jim Thornton gets things done. He doesn’t just talk about progress. Instead, Jim makes things happen.

Jim sees the possibilities for LaGrange: a LaGrange that is vibrant, diverse, and thriving.

As your Mayor over the next four years, Jim plans to continue bringing new jobs and more diverse business to the community, to maintain the high level of public safety and responsiveness, to improve the infrastructure of the city, and to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Jim has proven that he is willing to do the work necessary to improve LaGrange.

The people of LaGrange can be confident in the leadership offered by Jim Thornton as their Mayor. He has proven his ability to lead and to inspire others to work together for progress.

Jim Thornton as Mayor has prompted a period of unprecedented progress for LaGrange. 

Jim has emphasized economic development and the result is corporate investment of over one billion dollars creating over 2000 new jobs, and that was just in the past year. 

Jim has emphasized public safety and the result is a decrease in gang related shootings from 20 in 2015 to only 2 so far in 2017. 

Jim has emphasized unity and the results have been over 200 participants in the racial trust building initiative, an unprecedented spirit of cooperation among community leaders across racial lines, and accolades from around the state and nation for the progress being made locally. 

Jim has emphasized quality of life, and the results are improvements to Calumet Park, Granger Park, Sweetland Amphitheatre at Boyd Park, The Thread, green space and park space additions at the south side of downtown. 

A vote for Jim Thornton is a vote for progress, growth, unity, and constant improvement.

The people of LaGrange know leadership when they see it. When they look upon Mayor Thornton, they see someone who cares about the City and all its people; they see someone who brings people together around a common vision; they see someone who gets things done.

If LaGrange is going to continue making progress, the best leader for our City is Jim Thornton.

Contact Jim

Contact Jim at jim@jimthornton.org or at 706-402-2992


Election Dates

Election Day:  November 7, 2017

Early Voting Dates: October 16 through November 3

Jim Thornton re-elected Mayor of LaGrange!

The results are in, and incumbent LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton was successful in his bid for re-election, receiving 62 percent of the vote. Thornton defeated challenger Jimmy McCamey 2,611 votes to 1,583. On Tuesday night, Thornton celebrated his re-election in his downtown law office surrounded by family and supporters. “I’m very excited,” Thornton said. “I’m…

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Thornton seeking re-election

Mayor Jim Thornton is seeking re-election as mayor of LaGrange because he believes the city of LaGrange is on a great path for progress, but he recognizes there is more work to do to keep moving forward. Thornton is asking the people of LaGrange to examine his record as mayor.  He said his record shows a…

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Phase Two of The Thread Underway

“All we have money for right now are these first two phases, and I want to applaud the LaGrange City Council who took the initiative with The Thread to use the city SPLOST funds that were dedicated for parks and recreation and amenities to develop these first two phases,” Mayor Jim Thornton said. “I think…

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Power restored for most of LaGrange, Hogansville

Both LaGrange and Hogansville had relatively short periods of power outages when Tropical Storm Irma passed through the region, and officials were quick to credit utility workers for restoring power. “We are very grateful to the crews — the street crews, the utility crews, the first responders — because they worked through the night dealing…

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Project focused on Calumet Village

“This has been a labor of love, it’s taken a lot of time and a lot of commitment,” LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton said of the entire revitalization project. “It’s really been a testimony to your dedication collectively for the neighborhood and the board members of Calumet Village. “It is your dedication that has brought us…

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Duracell celebrates progress on new facility

Duracell hit a major milestone Wednesday, as the manufacturer celebrated the topping-off of its new manufacturing facility.

Duracell announced last year that its LaGrange campus will be taking over manufacturing of all AA and AAA batteries for Duracell in North America. By completing the roof for the new section of the manufacturing facility, Duracell moved one step closer to that expansion.

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Jim Thornton qualifies to seek re-election as Mayor of LaGrange

Jim Thornton qualified today to seek re-election as Mayor of LaGrange in the November 7th municipal election.

In taking this official step for re-election, Mayor Thornton said, “We have witnessed dramatic improvement in LaGrange over the past few years, and the city is definitely moving in the right direction. The next four years have even greater potential for progress, growth, and positive change. This is our time as a city to shine.”

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Dunham’s Sports opens new LaGrange location

Dunham’s Sports celebrated its new LaGrange Mall location with a ribbon cutting at the new location.

The store had been open in LaGrange for several days, but the ribbon cutting was an opportunity for everyone to really appreciate the teamwork between local officials, the mall owners and Dunham’s that made the grand opening possible.

“This is a great day for Dunham’s, and it is also a great day for the city of LaGrange,” Mayor Jim Thornton said.

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Students dress up for success

On Tuesday, the LaGrange City Council heard an update on Empowerment Wednesday, a locally run program that hopes to empower students by helping them dress up one day a week.

Empowerment Wednesday began with a small group of students at Whitesville Road Elementary School in 2016, asking them simply to dress up and wear a tie one day a week.

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‘It sews together the community’

Hundreds of citizens walked, jogged and ran down the model mile of the Thread on Saturday morning, celebrating the trail’s completion with a fun run.

On Saturday, the Thread trail and the greenspace on Haralson St. were filled with close to a thousand community members for the ribbon cutting and celebration of the completion of the first 1.3 miles of the Thread trail — otherwise known as the model mile. The area where the ceremony took place has undergone drastic improvements in recent years, and officials expressed their excitement over the beautiful public space that it has become.

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LaGrange mayor appointed to state board

Governor Nathan Deal appointed Mayor Jim Thornton to serve in Georgia’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in an announcement on Friday.

Thornton was among 24 appointees to a variety of state boards announced by the governor’s office on Friday. The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council serves as the epicenter of criminal justice policies, research and information in the state. The agency plans and administers tens of millions of dollars in federal criminal justice and victim services grants and administers programs providing direct services to victims of crime.

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Meeting with the Mayor

On Tuesday night, LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton and other local officials gathered together to discuss changes coming to the area and local issues, including concerns regarding what is on its way in the way of local business.

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